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Small U-Cart Concrete Trailers for Rent 

We mix concrete when you need it. Concrete is a mixture of sand, 3/4″ gravel, Portland cement, and water. Generally the more sacks of cement per yard of concrete the stronger the concrete will be. You can haul the ready-mix concrete with your own truck/trailer, we provide the U-Cart concrete trailer which will hold up to 1 cubic yard of concrete. In addition, we have a King Mixer, which will haul 1 3/4 cubic yard of ready mix concrete at one time. 
Crown Hill offers rotating mixing concrete trailers as well for the professional contractor or the do-it yourself individual. These unique U-Cart concrete trailers are powered by a small motor that allows the drum to turn and continue mixing as they travel to your job site and then can reverse the drums to dump the concrete out. This greatly increases the distance one can take a small batch of concrete while keeping all of the ingredients mixed together. Please call ahead to reserve your concrete trailer(s) as demand for them is high, and they may not always be available. 
Call Crown Hill & Reserve for U-Cart Concrete Trailers 

1 Cu. Yd U-Cart/Mixer

- 2" Ball with Receiver Required

-No Bumper Hitch Accepted 

-Truck needs to Haul min 7,500 lbs.

- Proof Of Insurance/Driver License

1 3/4 Cu. Yd King Mixer 


- Pintle Hitch Required

-No Bumper Hitch Accepted 

-Truck needs to Haul min 12,500 lbs. 

- Proof Of Insurance/Driver License

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