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Ready-Mix Cement Service in the Bay Area

Crown Hill Batch Plant

Crown Hill Materials offers some of the best ready-mix cement and concrete services in the Bay Area. From pouring patio slabs to foundation, our large facility that can accommodate your cement needs. We have a large fleet of our iconic ten-cubic-yard yellow trucks and U-Carts. We promise to get the concrete to your worksite in a timely fashion and provide fast, friendly service. 

Our color selection helps us stand above the competition. We have 40 colors to choose from, so it’s easy to find and pick out the ready-mix cement that’s just right for your home or commercial project. 

U-Cart Trailer:  

Great for small DIY projects. Our U-Cart trailer can reach small areas that our larger trucks can’t, such as a backyard. We can bring them to your location, or you can tow them yourself if you prefer. 

Transit Truck Mixers: 

These are ten-cubic-yard pour trucks. These full-sized trucks come to you and deliver large amounts of ready-mix cement. They’re perfect for large-scale, commercial projects.  

To get in touch with us to ask about our cement and concrete services, please call (707) 552-3686.  

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