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Hardscape Materials at Great Prices 

Hardscape materials are the hard structures that go into your landscaping project. We have the materials you need to complete your next project, whether it’s a brick walkway, a flagstone retaining wall, or something else entirely.  

Our landscape masonry is integral if your project has anything to do with altering the land’s shape. Think of these units as the meat and potatoes of your project, the foundation from which everything else is built.  

For example, let’s say you want to build a stone staircase with three level garden sides. Even though the goal is to have a beautiful feature on your property, you’re not going to buy the flowers first. You’ll need the necessary stones and bricks to lay out the staircase and the garden beds; the decorations come later.  


Crown Hill Materials sells a large and impressive variety of hardscape materials, including bricks, retaining wall, veneer, CMU block, and pavers. Please give us a call for more info! 

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